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The education system has not changed since the industrial revolution, we are changing that...

What We Build

Project Based Learning Tools


Ignite and Grows Interests 

Lecturely helps students discover and pursue passions, accelerate projects and dream bigger dreams in school than at any other time in their lives.


Promotes Critical Thinking 

Lecturely provides a wide range of activities that encourage higher-order thinking such as problem-solving, critical thinking, decision making and collaboration.


Learn By Doing

Project based learning is the curriculum design for students to experience and learn by doing.

Rockets For Kids
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Rockets for Kids

 Model Rockets 

Turn learning moments into memories

Design your own rocket.

See product detail pages for availability.


Possibility Pack

 Electronics Kit 

Develop skills related to electronics

Curated projects designed to ignite interests.

See product detail pages for availability.

Coming Soon

Who We Are

Life Long Learners

Lecturely was created by a team of life long learners that are on a mission to change the education system for the better. The current model of education is not sustainable and needs to be reimagined. The curriculum is designed in a way that does not challenge students to learn or apply what they are learning, instead it encourages rote memorization of information.


Lecturely was created to address this problem and make a lasting impact on how students learn and how they are taught. We believe that if you truly want to learn and grow, you need to be challenged. Lecturely was designed to offer you a better way to discover, build and learn.

Children in Science Class

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