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Take control of your student's education through a custom tailored curriculum built on the student's interest.

Why we are here

Lecturely's was created to solve the current problems students, parents, and teachers face every day, especially during this time. With a responsive and simple interface, Lecturely is committed to creating the most powerful and best learning management platform built for the 21 century.

Adaptive Curriculum 

Every student will have their own tailored experience made for increased engagement and performance. Lecturely puts the student's interest into into the curriculum, from Minecraft to rockets.

Powerful Platform

Lectuerly is designed with ease of use and a no hassle experience, making grading and performance tracking easier than ever before. With Lecturely, there is no need to hop from site to site to view your students performance, everything you need is one place. 


Teacher Marketplace (Late 2021)

The Teacher Marketplace where you as the teacher can buy, sell, or use Lecturely's Adaptive Curriculum to expand on the base curriculum we provide.

Support for multiple platforms

Our learning management platform can be accessed from anywhere at anytime on iOS, Android, or Web.

Powerful and Efficient Performance Tracking

Easily track your class' performance and progress as they complete assignments.

Attention to

Lecturely's user interface has been one of our biggest focus since the beginning. Our goal is to have as little interactions as possible so you can work as fast as humanly possible. We make sure to create the the most beautiful and powerful product.

The Lecturely Team

Caleb Scott


Jason Salazar


Kevin Castellano


Caterina Zampa

Head of Marketing

Josey Dunbar


Taylor Allen



Lecturely is slated to release in August 2021.

If you are interested in getting an early version please use the contact form below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Lecturely will be available nationwide in the United States on release.

As we continue to build Lecturely, feel free to email us and we can work on getting you an early pre-release version of Lecturely.

We offer three pricing tiers for teachers, schools, and school districts. We plan on releasing the prices soon as we refine them, attempting to make it as affordable as possible. But, feel free to contact us and our team will get back to you.

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