The Possibilities Are Endless

Giving students the key to unlock the possibilities in technology while learning circuitry, programming, and electronics.

Exercise creativity, spark passion

60+ Projects using Possibility Packs

Geared towards students in grades 2-8

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What We Offer

Prepare your student for the future in technology. With Lecturely's Possibility Pack students learn about circuitry, programming, and electronics through engaging and exciting projects.


Why Choose Possibility Pack

Ignite Interest

Through Lecturely's Possibility Pack, we provide students with engaging and exciting projects ranging from building robots to RC cars to sonar scanners. With every Possibility Pack comes even more projects for students to create!

Learn Skills 

With the Possibility Pack, students learn about circuitry, programming, and electronics. These skills are vital in today's workforce, our goal is to not only ignite the student's interest but also teach the fundamentals to these valuable skills.

Foster Creativity

The possibilities never stop at the end of a Possibility Pack, we provide students with the knowledge, parts, and ability to create projects not even taught by the pack. With Lecturely, the possibilities are endless.

Some Projects Created With Lecturely



“I got Possibility Pack for my son and he just loves it! There's been a smile on his face every time it shows up in the mail with more projects!”
Girl with Curly Hair

Tonya Page

"My daughter loves every project in Possibility Pack, I recommend it to every parent I talk to... 10/10."
Man with Blue Sweater

Ben Dunlap

“My son was always interested in electronics but he was never able to learn hands on. We struggled to find a solution until we found Lecturely. Now he is able to pursue his passion!”
Smiling Woman

Cara Fry

The Possibilities Are Endless



When will by Possibility Pack be delivered?

Currently due to increased demand and supply chain issues our estimated wait time to get a box is 6-8 weeks.

What can my student do with the Possibility Pack?

With the Possibility Pack, we give students the resources to learn about circuitry, programming, and electronics through engaging projects. Every Possibility Pack will be shipped with engaging and advanced projects, growing your student's knowledge in a fun and engaging way!

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Email our amazing support team at contact@lecturely.io