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Problems Today (Part 1 of 2)

Problems Today (Part 1 of 2)

By: Caterina Zampa


Problems Today

The following points are the four main issues in education that most teachers and schools are fighting against:
1. Overcrowded schools
2. Technology often comes with its downsides
3. A lack of diversity in gifted education
4. Teacher training methods of yesterday are still in use

Overcrowded Schools

The problem of overcrowded schools is that students are given less attention from the teacher. As a result, students take longer to understand topics being taught, and when in need of assistance they often can’t be helped to fully grasp concepts. In fact, it is harder for the teacher to aid students individually. Furthermore, with large classes teachers have to work a lot to maintain a calm atmosphere in the classroom; students in fact get easily distracted and don’t pay attention during lessons.

Technology often comes with its downsides

Teachers who are against technology in schools often say that students get distracted when using electronic devices or that programs are tricky to use. For example, teachers don’t fully understand how to use a specific program at its highest potential, or children start playing online games instead of doing their homework.

A lack of diversity in gifted education

A big problem is that often gifted students aren’t detected, and if they are they are often left to study at the pace of the rest of the students of the class. This causes possible scholarship receivers to learn at a slower pace than the one the one at which they could go they should and, consequently, aren’t working to their fullest potential. they don’t take advantage of their full potential.

Teacher training methods of yesterday are still in use

We believe that “old school” educational methods work brilliantly, since they have been in use for a long time with small changes along the years. However, we think that in 2020, with the enormous amount of technological innovations, there could be an additional boost in the system to help students and teachers. There are many programs online that have been trying to integrate technology in the educational system, but we believe ours is especially different and more efficient.

Be ready for the next blog that will show an overview on how we intend to solve these problems with Lecturely!