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The Solution (Part 2 of 2)

The Solution (Part 2 of 2)

By: Caterina Zampa


Problems Today

Here are the four main issues that we addressed in the previous blog:
1. Overcrowded schools
2. Technology often comes with its downsides
3. A lack of diversity in gifted education
4. Teacher training methods of yesterday are still in use

What solution does Lecturely offer for each one of them?

Overcrowded Schools

Our program doesn’t work on a solution for this problem itself, but we believe our idea of balance between teacher-based and computer-based learning can satisfy students’ needs. In fact, our program enables students to complete a great amount of classwork on their online dashboard, thus not needing as much of the teacher’s attention. Furthermore, one-on-one or restricted-group sessions between the teacher and the students allow to address specific issues for each individual student in need, therefore increasing the efficiency of learning.

Technology often comes with its downsides

Our program, therefore, promotes a user-friendly dashboard. The student dashboard displays a page with all of the students’ classes. By clicking on a class, the student is able to view homework, grades, teacher announcements and online exercises for extra practice. The teacher dashboards, instead, collect the information from the student dashboards regarding students’ progression on a given exercise or course and difficulties encountered by each individual student. This system allows students to work at their own pace and teachers can address specific topics for each. Additionally, when using the device in class teachers will be able to move around the room and check that students are working properly. In fact, we promote the idea of a classroom layout of round tables positioned around the room instead of rows of desks with the teacher at the front. Finally, we strongly believe in the importance of both technology and the classic role of the teacher working together.

A lack of diversity in gifted education

Our program tracks student interests and progress making it easy for teachers to detect which students are ahead and falling behind. This allows for a more 1 on 1 experience with the teacher, pushing the students to succeed and improve. This promotes diversity in subjects and helps the teacher better connect with the students' interests.

Teacher training methods of yesterday are still in use

With Lecturely, a class of 30 feels more personal and individualized to our Adaptive Curriculum and classroom management platform. Students will have more personalized assignments so it’s no longer just math, it’s math with Minecraft, or science with rockets. This increases student engagement helping the student succeed in the classroom. Also, with our classroom management platform the teacher can view their student’s progress and performance, seeing which students are doing well and the ones who need help. This allows for a more personal learning experience with the teacher because no longer is it constantly a teacher helping a classroom, it’s a teacher helping students personally, helping a student improve.

Be ready for the next blog that will show an overview on how we intend to solve these problems with Lecturely!