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COVID-19's Effect on Education

COVID-19's Effect on Education

By: Caterina Zampa


Remodeling educational methods through the COVID-19 pandemic

Unfortunately, the recent situation caused by the novel Coronavirus has forced thousands of schools and other educational institutions to shut down. As a consequence, teachers have had to adapt by switching to online schooling. This has, subsequently, introduced many institutions that had no previous relationship with technology to the technological world and they are now observing its effects on their educational system. In fact, there were many school headmasters and teachers who hadn’t incorporated technology into classroom learning, not because they thought it was useless, but becausethey hadn’t considered the option at all and believed that their school was doing perfectly fine as is.

“Although it is too early to judge how reactions to COVID-19 will affect educational systems around the world, there are signs suggesting that it could have a lasting impact on the trajectory of learning innovation and digitization”, states the World Economic Forum. In other words, even though students will return to the traditional classroom at the end of the total lockdown, it is possible that a lot of the work that was done in the classroom or on paper will now be available online.

Additionally, the pandemic has prompted the evolution of ideas similar to ours, that aim to bring innovation to the traditional educational methods by using new sophisticated platforms.

This situation has been a step forward aiming towards what we believe will be the future of the educational system.