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Our Growing Team

Our Growing Team

By: Caterina Zampa


Interested in Lecturely? Here is an update on the most recent events!

First, I would like to introduce you to four brilliant people that have recently joined our team: Chief Sales Officer Josey and Developers Kevin and Nikolai. They, too, believe in the fundamentals that stand behind Lecturely – they are driven by the passion for education and believe in the importance of innovation in this field, thanks to technology.

At the moment, our amazing developers are working on the apps for student and teacher dashboards, doing our best to integrate our core principles (whose explanation you can find in the previous blogs). We are strongly working with school administrators, teachers and students to understand their habits and daily classroom needs with the goal to achieve a platform that is as user friendly as possible.

Since the main characters of our innovative idea are students and teachers, we believe it is important to connect with them to understand their thoughts and requests.

If you are one or the other, you are welcome to fill out a survey that you can easily find on our website! We work with all types of school systems, both American and/or international, so no need to worry about requirements. Feel free to give us any feedback by contacting our team at [email protected].